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    Quom live in the Astral Sea (which is sort-of like space) and can be various colours. Their description says they "have green, blue, or violet skin", but the illustrations include one that looks pretty pink to me.
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    Invent a race that's always blushing furiously about some embarrassing childhood memory.
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    Good old-fashioned Nordic humans will turn pink when exposed to several hours of strong sunlight. (Sunburn.) This also makes them very prickly and itchy, so they won't want anything / anybody touching them.
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    Altanians and Alryans from the Wilderlands setting can have red skin. Lots of the human cultures in the Wilderlands have a variety of skin colours.

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    Male dwarves, when they are caught in flagrante delicto at it with one of their bearded 'girlfriends' ... they usually do all those colours in one go.

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    There is no reason that yuan-ti can't be red or pink skinned (scaled) and some of them look very human.

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