3.5 Cookie Monster for 3.5 dnd
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    Cookie Monster for 3.5 dnd

    How would you fine people build Cookie Monster from Sesame Street for 3.5 edition dnd or even pathfinder?

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    Here is a rough stab at it. I hope this gives you a place to start.

    Cookie Monster
    Medium Outsider (Muppet)
    HD: 20d8+100 (190 hp)
    Initiative: +5
    Speed: 30 ft (6 squares)
    Armor Class: 16 (+1 Dex, +5 Natural), Touch 11, Flat Footed 15
    Base Attack/ Grapple +20 / +23
    Attack: Gobble + 24 melee (1d8+4; Swallow Whole)
    Full Attack: Gobble + 24 melee (1d8+4; Swallow Whole)
    Special Attacks: Swallow Whole
    Special Qualities: Outsider Traits, Muppet Traits, Cookie Dependency
    Saves: Fort + Reflex + Will + (See Cookie Dependency)
    Abilities: Str 16 Dex 12 Con 20 Int 10 Wis 12 Cha 20
    Skills: Appraise +23 Bluff +28 Disguise +28 Listen +26 Perform (Acting) +28 Profession (Baker) +24 Profession (Early Childhood Educator) +24 Spot +26
    Feats: Alertness, Great Fortitude, Improved Initiative, Improved Natural Attack (Gobble), Skill Focus (Profession (Baker)), Skill Focus (Profession (Early Childhood Educatior)), Weapon Focus (Gobble)
    Environment: The Sunny Days of Sesame Street
    Challenge Rating: I dunno. Just eyeball it already.
    Treasure: Cookies, cookie crumbs, enough GP to buy more cookies.
    Alignment: Always good (any)
    Advancement: -
    Level Adjustment: -

    This human sized creature is covered in shaggy blue fur. His googly eyes seem warm and inviting as he smiles at you. Sprinkled throughout his fur coat are the crumbs of myriad past meals.

    Swallow Whole:
    When Cookie Monster bites something of his size or smaller, he immediately makes a grapple check. If Cookie Monster succeeds, he swallows the target. A target may escape by either making a grapple check to climb out or by attacking Cookie Monsterís stomach (AC 15ish?) and dealing 10 points of slashing damage. After escaping, the mystic forces sew the wound shut. Creatures in Cookie Monsterís stomach take the Gobble damage each round they remain trapped.

    There is no limit the amount of items or creatures that can be in Cookie Monsterís stomach. Bards sing of Cookie Monster once eating an avalanche in order to ensure a shipment of cookies and ice cream reached its destination.

    Muppet Traits:
    Muppets are known to only exist in the Sunny Days of Sesame Street demiplane. Muppets appear to be impervious to all harm. Even if a heavy object is dropped on them, they are caught in an explosion, or if they fall from a great height, the muppet returns unharmed a short time later. Some sages hypothesize that muppets are actually controlled by unseen beings and that the only way to permanently destroy a muppet is to defeat their ďhandlersĒ. These sages are often dismissed as insane.

    Cookie Dependency:
    Cookie Monster's unique diet consists primarily of cookies. He is known, on rare occasions, to eat from the other food groups. When confronted or offered cookies, Cookie Monster must immediately make a DC 20 will saving throw. This DC increases by one per hour since his last cookie. Cookie Monster takes a -5 diet penalty on this saving throw. On a failure Cookie Monster immediately attempts whatever course of action that will gain him access to those cookies. (He will give into demands, share, cooperate, and even attack anyone denying him cookies.)

    The Sunny Days of Sesame Street:
    Scholars have long theorized about the mystical realm of Sesame Street. This strange demiplane appears to be no more than a street in a busy city. Attempts to navigate into other parts of the street either return the traveller back to Sesame Street or return them to their home plane. Some sages also hypothesize of the existence of a sister realm, Avenue Q.

    On Sesame Street, a planar traveller will encounter mostly humans and strange muppet denizens (See Muppet Traits above). It is entirely possible that creatures of other races may make their home here but they have never been encountered. Fey, such as Abby Cadabby, can be found on Sesame Street but they do not make their home there. Some magical beasts can also be found on Sesame Street. (See Bird, Big; Barkley; Snuffleupagus) Like the muppet denizens of Sesame Street, their appearance and abilities are quite varied.

    While most muppets appear to be monstrous in nature, there are two other types: humanoids and grouches. Of these varieties, caution is advised when encountering the Grouch subtype of Muppet. They can be quite surly and rude but rarely, if ever, attack.

    Random Encounters on Sesame Street:
    There is a 10% chance per hour of having a random encounter with a denizen of Sesame Street. Use the following chart:

    1 - 25% - Friendship Problem (Sharing, taking turns, etc. Treat this as a DC 20 Diplomacy Check to resolve)
    26 - 50% - Grouch!
    51 - 75% - School Lessons (The PCs are tasked with solving a simple problem such as solving a pattern, what doesnít belong, counting or the alphabet.)
    76 - 99% - Song and Dance (The PCs are swept up into a song and dance routine. Everyone makes a Perform check.)
    100% - DMís Choice (Have fun with it.)
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    Cookie Monster for 3.5 dnd

    Sounds good. What would make good grouch stats, besides the basic muppet traits. I figure that the grouch should be disease resistant as Oscar lives in a garbage can after all. Felix the grouch by contrast was a neat freak.Also donít forget about another possible sister realm the muppet theater!
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    I just remembered that Cookie Monster once shrunk himself to get a Cookie! Iím just not sure if it was a one-time power of if it should be put down as a build use power for Stat usage.

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