5E A Collection of D&D Class Build Guides - Wiki Thread the Second
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    A Collection of D&D Class Build Guides - Wiki Thread the Second

    Looking for guides on how to best optimise or build a class or concept in your D&D 5th Edition game? Look no further than this thread![PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]













    Multiclass Guides



    Original Format

    This is the initial list. It will contain links to the Wizards of the Coast threads until I move each one over and correct the link to point here. If it's already been moved, I've put it in BOLD.

    The Gentleman’s Guide to Proper Barbarism
    Graceful Destruction: A Guide to Dex Based Barbarism

    A party without music is lame: A Bard Guide
    Bardic Lore: A Basic College of Lore Bard Guide

    For God and Party-A Cleric's guide
    Dictum Mortuum's The Cleric Handbook[Note: Outside URL]
    Celestial Link Evoking Radiance Into Creation

    Thy Fearful Symmetry: A Circle of the Moon Handbook
    [Editors Note: The second Druid guide, titled Lunar Wilds, contained almost nothing and was almost totally incomplete, so I am not moving that over. I will, however, make a note of his few comments in the Circle of the Moon handbook thread]

    Bow Bond: An Eldritch Knight’s guide to Archery
    The Art of War: A Fighter Guide
    Battle On: The Fighter Guide

    Meditation, Mediation, Devastation: A Monk's Guide
    Monk and the Four Elements (Subclasses mini guide)

    Oathbound: The Paladin Guide (OUTDATED)
    My Word Is My Sword: The Paladin Guide (CURRENT)

    Animal Buddy: A Guide to the Ranger's Beast Companion
    The Outdoorsman's Guide to natural Ranging
    Into the Woods We Go

    A Knife in the Dark – The Rogue’s Handbook
    Dealing Death: Handbook of the True Assassin
    I Fought the Law and Won: The Rogue Guide

    Born to be Wild, a sorcerer guide
    A Bunny's Guide to the Sorcerer

    Power Overwhelming: A Sorcerer Guide
    Guide for optimized Sorcerer
    Playing Dice with the Universe: A Slant Guide to Wild Magic Sorcerers

    Blade, Book, and Chain - A Warlock Guide
    Pacts, Patrons and Power - A Warlock Guide

    Arrive on Time - A General Guide to Wizardry
    Treantmonk's Guide to Wizards 5e
    A blast from the past - Wizarding 101 by Avalongod

    5th Edition Spells Spreadsheet
    Annual Cantrip Review
    Basic Char-Op
    Conjurer of Cheap Tricks - A Conjuration Handbook
    DPR King
    Handbook to Guide Writing
    Level Dip Guide
    The Grappler's Manual - Grappling in 5th Edition
    A Collection of Useful Spell Lists
    List of All Personality Traits, Ideals, Bonds, and Flaws

    Ways to attack with your Reaction
    REPOSITORY: Homebrew & Original Content
    Know Your Rites: A Guide to Ritual Casting
    Stealth, hiding and you!
    What's Your Story: A Custom Backgrounds Guide
    List of ability check modifiers
    Know Your Enemy
    Skill Monkey Builds
    Dagger Thrower
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    Thanks @Morrus and @Yunru for getting the posting problem sorted out, now I can take the barbarian guide off my bookmarks.

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    Added The Wall of Fear: A Complete Guide to the Oath of Conquest By Legimus under the Paladin entry. A very well done guide going in-depth into Oath of Conquest Paladins.

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