Waterdeep: Dragon Heist
Waterdeep: Dragon Heist
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Wizards of the Coast

Game system(s): D&D 5e,
Line: Dungeons & Dragons,
Genre: Fantasy,

Tue 18 September 2018
Wizards RPG Team,
Hardcover (224 pages)
$49.95 | Buy this product
UPC: 978-0786966257

Fun with stats: Waterdeep: Dragon Heist is ranked #60 out of 71 products with 10 or more reviews, placing it in the 17% percentile. It is rated -15.4 points lower than the overall average product rating of 75.9%. With 14 reviews, this is the #43 most reviewed product.

60.5% HIT

Rated by 14 readers at 60.5% who deem this a HIT. A recommended purchase.
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Welcome to Waterdeep!

A fantastic treasure trove is yours for the taking in this adventure for the world's greatest roleplaying game.

Famed explorer Volothamp Geddarm needs you to complete a simple quest. Thus begins a mad romp through the wards of Waterdeep as you uncover a villainous plot involving some of the cityís most influential figures.

A grand urban caper awaits you. Pit your skill and bravado against villains the likes of which youíve never faced before, and let the dragon hunt begin!
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