Visual Guide Races of Greyhawk?
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    Visual Guide Races of Greyhawk?

    I am starting a Greyhawk campaign and am trying to find "real world" images to get the races (Baklunish, Oeridian, Flan, and Suel) so I can show my players what they all look like so they can visualize the characters and npcs better.

    Does anyone have anything?

    What art I have found is leaving me feeling "meh" for the most part, hence why I want to use real humans to show these variations in skin tone, facial structure, etc...

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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    Really, you can just use real-world equivalents:
    * Suel = Northern European
    * Oeridian = Mediteranian (including Middle Eastern and North African)
    * Flan = Sub-Saharan Aftrican
    * Baklunish = East Asian

    There's probably an element of "not politically correct" to that. Just keep in mind that this is Gygax writing in the late 1970s and early 1980s. I, personally, think he did a pretty good job of scrubbing off the Earth baggage while keeping some ethnic identity and avoiding caricature or being patronizing.
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