5E The Downside of D&D Help.
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    The Downside of D&D Help.

    I got home from work on Monday and a package had arrived. It was from Kobold Press.

    Tome of Beasts (already mostly read)
    Midgard Heroes Handbook
    Midgard World Book

    and last night.

    DM Screen Reincarnated
    Mordenkainens Guide to the Multiverse
    Volos Guide to Monsters
    Tales from the Yawning Portal
    Tomb of Annihilation.

    My problem is I don''t have enough hours in the day combined with hayfever+ binge watching Farscape. Also may have dozed off reading one of the books due to being very tired (12 hour days and waking up at 4 or 5 am).

    My ideas so far.

    1. Watch less Farscape. Problem is I like watching it with the wife. We did have a D&D readathon Tuesday night (less Farscape).

    2. Don't work. I can pull a sicky or get others to cover for me. Gets expensive though.

    3. Get a giant food blender or industrial mulch and puree the D&D books. hook them up to an IV drip.

    4. Eat less. Family dinner at our local Indian restaurant but then D&D is competing with my Jalfrezi/Kadai addiction. And the whole family thing with wife+ inlaws.

    5. Train my cats to read me the books while asleep.

    6. Cast gate and find another plane where time passes at a different rate.

    7. Divorce the wife and read more. She is a fairly understanding lady but she might initiate custody battles over the D&D books.

    I have already stopped my medieval breeding program in Crusader Kings 2 or trying to take over the Galaxy in Thrawns Revenge mod for Star Wars Empire at War mod.
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    Or donít buy more books in one go than you can read! I asked before what the rush was, especially for out of print copies...

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    Quote Originally Posted by robus View Post
    Or donít buy more books in one go than you can read! I asked before what the rush was, especially for out of print copies...
    Death in the family+ money left to me+ birthday, kind of a final b'day present and I wanted stuff that would last the rest of my life. That and I missed a few books, last one I got was XGtE.

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    1. Less Farscape. Less. Farscape. I can't seem to understand this statement.

    2. This is an option, work and money is overrated. However, this can lead to running out of sick days, or could lead to less money, which means it takes longer to buy newer D&D books, making you get further and further behind. Hmm. Maybe not a good choice.

    3. This would just kill you as the mulched D&D books clog your arteries. Way too fatty.

    4. You could keep your addiction by loading up on other meals. Take your food to go, divide it up and eat it throughout the day. Or learn how to subsist on sunlight and air. I hear someone's almost figured out how to do that.

    5. Then your cats will know more about D&D than you. You could just let them DM for you, but cats are notorious for killing off their characters if they don't get enough food. You could be opening up a can of worms with that one.

    6. This is hard to do, and can get expensive if you're not a lvl 17 wizard. And even if you can figure out how to do that, you never know if the denizens of that plane will be ok with you reading D&D books on their territory, and its possible they might make their way over here and try to destroy our plane, or release some kind of plague that they have adapted to but we haven't. I wouldn't suggest traveling to other planes unless you have a really good guide.

    7. This is a little hasty, and can get nasty fast. I would recommend almost any of the other options before this one.

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    I thought this was about the help action.

    3/10, would not read again

    Fear not the slugman https://slugsandsilver.blogspot.com/
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    1. If you are binge-watching Farscape you are likely spacing out on some of it. Best to spread it out. Watch one, maybe two episodes a night and spend more time reading.

    2. Take a part-time job and make the wife take on a part-time job? . . . Guessing that suggestion might not go over so well.

    3. Don't go all hard-core with needles, smoke 'em. Better vape 'em.

    4. Order takeout and eat at home while reading. Tell the in-laws that getting together a couple times a year during major holidays should suffice.

    5. Do not let the cats DM. Or play. Cat play always ends with a claw in a soft part of your body.

    6. Go to the astral plane, made up of thoughts and memory, what better place to read D&D books?

    7. By this point you've already limited her to one episode of Farscape a night, decreased your work and the money you contribute to the relationship, are freebasing D&D material, pushing her family away, letting the cat DM, and losing yourself in the astral plane (see "freebasing D&D material). She's already left you.

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