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    Quite varied answers.

    I think the section 5ekyu and UngeheuerLich quoted is actually the relevant part here for me. As a DM I definitely see taking an item from a hostile creature's space as particularly difficult and consequently it would require an action. What action, I guess I'll leave to my players and then simply determine if it auto-succeeds or requires any roll.

    As for picking the item back up when inflicted by Fear... I'd definitely allow my players to do it. As for monsters, I'd say that tough guy that always fights with his axe which is also a family heirloom won't leave it behind even in fear, whereas someone who is easily scared will definitely leave his weapon behind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UngeheuerLich View Post
    I reconsidered it and just disallow picking up or kicking an object in melee combat for free.
    Here is the relevant part od the basic rules.

    As a rogue thief you can use your bonus action. As arcane trickster you can use your bonus action mage hand. As someone with multiattack you might just attack the weapon with a boot attack.
    To pick the weapon up again you might go prone and stand up using half your movement.
    What I might allow is that you try an extraordinary maneuver to pick up or kick a weapon. Make an acrobatics or deception check or something like that as part of your movement or as a bonus action vs insight or so. Make it and you pick up your weapon or kick the enemy weapon away, don't make it and either end your movement prone or even allow for an opportunity attack if you fail by too much.
    My normal rule works this way - an enemy active in melee range and able to strike counts as an unusual obstacle for picking up unattended items - period.

    For fear, they may or may not be in melee rsnge due to its 30'range so I need that additional bit here.

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