Dungeons and Dubliners Episode 2 - The Great Multi-Class Debate

In this episode, in a huge leap forward, we present a sound quality that will not only leave your ears unbleeding but is actually pleasant and audible! We chat about Dungeons and Dragons big new release, Waterdeep: Dragon Heist and catch up on all the news from the D&D world in Ireland and beyond. The meat of the episode is the Great Mulitclass Debate of 2018 were straw men are errected and then violently beaten to the ground.

Episode Index
00:00 to 10:45 Introduction
10:45 to 25:40 Dragon Heist Talk
25:40 to 35:12 D&D News
35:12 to 56:00 The Great Multiclass Debate of 2018
56:00 to 56:22 Sign off!