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    Quote Originally Posted by slaughterj View Post
    While that is the case with some point-buy systems like Hero, it is not the case for others like Star Wars D6 or Savage Worlds (not a true point-buy but somewhat close), and even Mutants and Masterminds can be fairly quick.
    I just meant that it was definitely the case for GURPS, which otherwise passed every test with flying colors.

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    I'd take a look at Forthright RPG. It does most of the things you are listing. It is a d20+attribute with skills that adjust the level of success instead of being a flat number. It uses a health pool and injury system. You can pick it up a copy of the book here

    I could also see Mutants & Masterminds working. It covers all the bases of what you listed in the OP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slaughterj View Post
    Any suggestions?
    I suggest that a list of *15* must-haves is pretty demanding.

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