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    List of Pop Culture References in Zeitgeist

    Zeitgeist has a bunch of references that people might not get if they don't know the source material. I only know a few of them, so please add to the list.

    SPOILERS AHEAD, obviously.

    updated by info from hirou, Elfshire, Andrew Moreton, MrPereira, and of course Ranger Wickett

    Part 1: Functional References (match events/capabilities/behaviors, possibly also name or appearance)

    Ash Wolf 0 Insanity Wolf internet meme
    Mad Shootist (beams) 0 Metroid games (Samus Aran's power suit)
    Rock Rackus 0 Kanye West (musician)
    The Family 0 Italian Mafia (and Godfather movies)
    The Obscurati 0 The Illuminati (conspiracy)
    Lt Dale, coffee & cherry pie 2 Twin Peaks TV show (Dale Cooper)
    Dr von Recklinghausen 2 Dr Frankenstein
    Gale & Tinker Oddcog 2 4 Color to Fantasy game (characters)
    Mindmaker & Steelshaper 2 X-Men comics (Professor X & Magneto)
    Wand of Expelliarmus 2 Harry Potter (spell)
    RHC's "S.C.P. Division" 5 SCP Foundation games
    Operation Paperclip 6 Cold War recruiting of former Nazi scientists
    Nicodemus "cigarette smoking man" 7 X-Files TV show (character)
    [4E] "Beshela uses Splash against each enemy.
    It's super effective."
    7 Pokemon (quote)
    The Primo 8 Final Fantasy VI game (Ultros)
    Fourmyle & Gully Foyle 10 The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester (character)
    Mojang 10 Minecraft game (creator)
    Lost Riders 11 Metalocalypse TV show (Dethklok band)
    Bhoior 12 Discworld novels (A'Tuin)
    Doverspike 12 Order of the Stick webcomic (Familicide)
    Dunkelweiss 12 German dark beer style
    Kinava Monks 12 Avatar TV show (airbenders)
    Damata "Masked Avenger" 13 Zorro
    ? ? ?

    Part 2: Shout-Out References (match name or appearance but not functionality)

    Elfaivar 0 Legend of Five Rings (L5R) games
    [4E] Monument of War "Cannon Overture" 0 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky
    Vsadni, The Lost Riders 0 "The Lost Vikings" by Dethklok (Metalocalypse)
    Han, Luc & Lya Jierre 1 Star Wars movies (characters)
    Heward Sechim 2 Cleavon Little (Sheriff Bart)
    The House Elf 2 Harry Potter (character)
    "Make Them An Offer" 2 Godfather movie (quote)
    "Monsters, Inc" 2 Monsters Inc movie
    Colonel Harlock 3 Captain Harlock anime
    "The Leone, The Lich, and the Snowglobe" 7 The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
    Reason, the Diplomatic Rifle 7 Snow Crash by Neil Stephenson (firearm)
    "Apocalypse Then" 8 Apocalypse Now movie
    "Raiders of the Lost Arc" 8 Raiders of the Lost Ark movie
    "One Does Not Simply Walk Into Methia" 8 Lord of the Rings movie (Boromir quote)
    "I Don't Think We're In Danor Any More" 8 Wizard of Oz (Dorothy quote)
    Iratha Ket 12 Eartha Kitt (singer, dancer, actress, best Catwoman)
    ? ? ?
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    Red veil in adventure 2, Lt. Dale "Coffee and cherry pie" technique - Twin Peaks (apparently, I still haven't watched it)
    Primo - Ulthros from FFVI (see recent thread http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthr...ord-(Spoilers))
    There was a separate thread about all the prototypes of character portraits, but I can't find it now. Han, Leya and Luc are obvious, others less so, I only remember Verzubak Tantalovich as bearded Patrick Steward.
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    I don't know if I've explicitly stated the Gully Foyle or Iratha Kett ones before, so good catch!

    When I was designing the Mad Shootist, we were getting art for the Gidim warbeasts, and the donut monster was basically a Metroid. But Samus doesn't get a shrink ray, does she? I'm trying to remember if we gave Tinker Oddcog a grappling hook beam.

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    Chapter 0 - I can't be sure, but is "Elfaivar" supposed to sound like "L5R," or rather "Legend of the Five Rings"?

    Chapter 5 - There is a Player Handout which acts as a dossier for the heroes at the start of the adventure; Attachment PN16a is authored by someone from the Slate RHC's "SCP Division," which is a reference to the fictional SCP Foundation... I guess it's a subreddit? I'm not familiar, but one of my players was.

    Chapter 7 - Referring to Nic as the "Cigarette Smoking Man" is a reference to a character with the same moniker in X-Files. Again, caught by one of my players.

    Chapter 7 - Beshela's stat block uses the phrase, "It's super effective." This is a phrase in Pokemon that appears when you use an attack that exploits a vulnerability of your opponent.

    Chapter 7 - A section in Act 2 is titled, "The Leone, the Lich, and the Snowglobe," which is a reference to "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" by CS Lewis. A few other colorful section titles include, "Walking on Sunshine," "Mission Impossible," and "Blue Banquet" (a possible reference to "Red Wedding," especially considering the massacre that follows).
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    Wow, I'd forgotten some of those. But yes, correct.

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    Should this be a wiki thread? Never mind, I missed the banner at the top and was looking for the thread to be yellow in the forum.

    Very cool list.

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    You are incorrect about the Cigarette smoking man, I thought it was too, BUT rangerwickett says Nicodemus is inspired by his father rather than the x files character

    The chapter headings in the second act are full of joke references ,
    Apocolypse Then
    Raiders of the lost Arc
    One does not simply walk into Methia (and Methia has a big tower too)
    I Don’t Think We’re in Danor Anymore........................................
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    In Ch 3 "That's Classified", is Colonel Harlock and his tentacle technique an anime reference? Is Harlock Hentai a thing?

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    Eh, Harlock is just a vague allusion to the anime. I wasn't explicitly shooting for tentacle hentai, though, no.

    The "Cigarette Smoking Man" moniker was definitely yoinked from The X-Files, but the name and some background elements of Nicodemus were drawn from my dad.
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    In Ch 7, is Reason named after the railgun from Snow Crash?

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