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    Most Powerful Character

    OK. i'll throw a question out there to the Char/Op crowd. What was your most powerful character in play? I'm thinking 5th Ed since we all likely play or have played it by now but in the endless possibilities of builds and games, who was your legendary hero and what was his/her favorite exploit of yours?

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    Most powerful was a while ago, D'Gatham of Cormyr. Or, as he was known later in his adventuring career Songmaster D'Gatham, Patriarch of Milil.

    These days I play an evening every other week, back in high school and college we'd regularly do weekly 12-14 hour marathons. Back in AD&D 2nd times I ran one character for close to a decade of that intense schedule. He started as a bard, and at 7th level dual classed over to cleric of Milil (god of song) as he tok his postponed vows. Back then demihumans could multiclass, which was pick several classes and advance in all of them, wth your XP slip evenly between the classes (each class had it's own XP chart and leveled up at different points), while humans could not multiclass but could give up a class, take another, and once they bypassed the level of their original class they could use it's features again. Technically they could use it's featues at any point, but if you "fell back on old ways" you didn't get any XP for the adventure.

    Anyway, between years of play and also a number of magical manuals that boosted bard level, I ended up an epic (above 20th) level cleric and 14th (?) level bard.

    When 4e came out, a friend and fellow player ran another game, though set hundreds of years later since the FR timeline had advanced, and used him as an NPC. D'Gatham ended up being still alive, and basically a spokespiece for the gods of good. FR back then had lots of chosen like Elminster and the Seven Sisters and such, this was him just elevating my character to the same level as NPCs from the books.

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    Ive played very little(DMing) but my most powerful character was Claiomh MAC Fiachra, wolf totem barbarian.
    At level 1-2ish I was disappointed in him as he didnt really pack a huge punch. Then.. at about level 2.5 we had a session where he took 4 crits, multiple other blows and managed to survive.
    Things got better from there.
    For hit points ( with con bonuses)
    1st level :15(no roll)
    2nd :13
    6th: 15

    At that point the DM is the game would roll a crier on him and shoot me a (sorry dude look) and Id just laugh.
    28 points of damage
    The table: oh my god! Are you ok? ! Wheres the cleric? You werent raging?? Why not?
    Me: take a breath there lil guys. Im fine.

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    Back in the haydays of AD&D2ed, I have several.

    The big one was a magic-user/Cleric/Fighter (33/44/44) who was able to convert into an immortal (see Immortal rules from OD&D).

    I had a fighter who progresses to 31st level.

    Now, I have an extreme dual-class character. (With classes from Dragon Magazine and using wish successfully on each new class acquired).
    Warrior - 11th
    Bandit - 11th
    Rogue - 11th
    Scout - 11th
    Mariner - 11th
    Merchant - 11th
    Oracle - 11th
    Healer - 11th
    Savant-Cleric - 11th
    Savant-Wizard - 11th
    Necromancer - 11th
    Knight of the Lily - 11th
    Illrigger - 18th (current...)

    *** *** ***

    I have nothing with the more "current" versions.
    We enjoy 2AD&D (with the occasional Hackmaster thrown in).

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    A level 1 Human Fighter with Crossbow Expert, or Polearm Master.
    Of course that drops a bit beyond 1st level, from objectively best to one of the best :P

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