DDAL The optimizers' opinions on my first 5thEd character, fighter build plan
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    The optimizers' opinions on my first 5thEd character, fighter build plan

    This character is for the Adventurer's League with all the applicable limitations.
    We have a group that meets weekly going through the Dragon Heist hardcover. I do not know if the group will continue to meet regularly after that or if I will just be joining various groups for pick-up AL games. At the moment the group has a bard, sorc, 2 fighters (I am one of them), investigator, druid, and cleric.

    Elter Ago de'Morcaine
    Dragonborn, Bronze

    Fighter level 2, protection fighting style, heading toward eldritch knight
    Align CG
    Deity Mystra
    Background Soldier
    Str 17, Dex 8, Con 14, Int 13, Wisdom 12, Charisma 11
    (took stat array though I understand I am allowed to take point buy if it will work better)
    Prof skills are athletics, history, perception, and intimidation.
    Chainmail, Shield, Warhammer, Handaxe, Javelin (x3), Dagger

    With my little bit of cash, I bought some general gear like: caltrops, oil, signal whistle, manacles, grappling hook, silk rope, a mirror, etc... We have a deed to a house, so I leave the gear that doesn't seem immediately useful at the house so I'm not slowed down. When I have the Bag of Holding, I will buy even more cheap gear and carry all of it with me.

    Fighter because a friend of mine was going with caster focused bard and I figure every group can always use another meat shield.
    Going for the Eldritch Knight path because I just can't seem to play a game that has magic as a central part of the system and not have any magic myself.
    Took the Protection fighting style to better protect the squishies. So far that has worked out even better than I thought it would. I have kept companions from going unconscious (or likely dead) on several occasions already. Maybe it won't be so great at higher levels. Not sure.

    Level 3 buy a Bag of Holding to carry all my crap, Eldritch Knight (thinking shield, detect magic, and alarm for my initial spells)
    Level 4 take +1 to str and +1 to int
    Level 6 feat War Caster
    Level 8 Ritual Caster
    Level 12 Take a +2 to str (?)
    Level 14 Shield Master (?)
    Level 16 Resilient (?)
    Level 19
    Observant (?)

    The stuff after level 8 is really iffy of course. I will have to see what is working or needed when I get there.
    I like to be the character that has the manacles, caltrops, mirror, chalk, etc... when it turns out to be useful. So that is why I'm planning on the Bag of Holding as soon as I get to level 3 and have 8 treasure checkpoints. As I understand it. That is one of the few items that is available and doesn't need to be 'unlocked' in order to purchase it. I'd rather have Heyward's Handy Haversack, but that isn't unlocked.
    There appears to be some disagreement between DM's on whether or not War Caster is really needed for an Eldritch Knight. But I think I will take it anyway unless something official comes down saying it isn't necessary.

    Ritual Caster seemed like a great way to get even more spells for use outside of combat. If I read it correctly, It has no association with my other casting ability. So I was considering some other class' spell list. I have seen very few druids or rangers playing in my area. Do if I was a ritual caster for druid spells, that might give access to some stuff that no one else at the table has. But I haven't combed through the lists yet to see if that is really a viable choice.

    A few questions have also occurred to me.
    1) In PF a magic weapon is practically a necessity as soon as you can reasonably afford it. A huge percentage of PF creatures are resistant to attack from non-magic weapons. Is that also true for 5thEd? If not, I would probably use my small pool of treasure checkpoints for something other than a +1 to hit and damage.
    2) Am I also going to need to carry silver, adamantine, and cold-iron weapons? I'm not seeing the rules for them.
    3) Most of my spells have to be abjuration or evocation spells. However, I can have a few of them from the full wizard spell list. Therefore I can just buy a scroll of Find Familiar and use that to get my scouting friend. Correct?
    4) Can I take Ritual Caster a second time for yet another spell list?

    Questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, opinions, hate-it, love-it, or anything else?

    Thanks for all your help guys and/or gals!
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    Magic weapons aren't needed early like they were in 3.x, PF or 4e. Don't worry about it. Don't worry about various weapon types either, uit's not nearly as common in 5e.

    You can't take a feat twice unless it explicitly says you can, so no double Ritual Caster.

    You might want to bring your Str to 20 earlier. Not sure of the PF teminology, but what in 3.x was BAB is now your proficient bonus - and it starts at +2 and goes to +6 at 17th. So having that extra +1 to hit of a 20 STR over 18 will be a big help.

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    unless you plan to bump your charisma you are probably better off with point buy.

    17 8 14 14 12 9 and take a half feat like dragon hide (xanthars -doesn't look like you have used your +1 book yet), or athlete. since with +0 or -1 cha you shouldn't be talking to people anyways. or if you do plan to take resilient later and aren't a fan of dragon hide/athlete then i'd suggest, 17 8 14 13 13 9 so that when you take resilient you bump your wis save.

    for the post 8. shield master is okay (can't prone then attack, but is good to give your part advantage, observant is great but at lvl 19 meh. i might just make those +2 con bumps for better concentration saves and hps or int if you find yourself using your spells for damage.

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    I would look at Prot from Evil/Good (abjuration) as one of your first spells. It gives you some condition immunities and makes a wide array of creatures attack you at disadvantage. Aberrations, celestials, elementals, fey, fiends, and undead -- that's a big chunk of the MM!

    If you take Xanathar's as your PHB+1 source then you should consider Absorb Elements. Like a lot of fighters your Dex saves will never be very good and this spell is great when you would otherwise be taking full fire and lightning damage. Sucks to not get BB or GFB cantrips from SCAG, but that's the price you pay for Absorb Elements (and the racial feats).

    I play a half orc EK in AL. At 8th level my spells are Shield, Absorb Elements, Find Familiar, Protection from Evil/Good, Blur, and Warding Wind.

    If you are going to keep your Int at 13 and you want rituals, maybe take a level of Wizard after level 6 or 8 instead of the ritual caster feat. You'll get 3 cantrips, 6 spells, ritual casting, a spellbook, arcane recovery and be able to prep 2 more 1st level spells on top of your EK spells.

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