Creating a Hermit-y Wizard School, Any Ideas?
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    Creating a Hermit-y Wizard School, Any Ideas?

    So, I've started up a new homebrew. It's a kind of a nature-y/druid-y/mystical-y wizard school. It is inspired pretty heavily by the Geomancer from Stonehearth, which thematically, is kind of at that intersection between druid and wizard. Their knowledgable, but not studious, and their more in touch with the natural world, but not in really the same way as Druids are.

    I originally started this trail of thought because I liked the Geomancer concept, and also was thinking of how it could be implemented into DnD. I eventually decided that a general subclass for it could be fun, and decided to take it from the wizard angle, as Geomancers honestly feel more like Druid-y Wizards than Wizard-y Druids to me. My problem really is I'm running into a wall with the specifics of its features, and really just generally its core features.

    I have this concept that it gets a little spell overlap with Druids. I want one of its starting abilities to be it gets 2 druid cantrips, but beyond that I'm not sure how to overlap the spell lists in an interesting and balanced way. Do I let them copy druid spell scrolls? I thought about granting them access or special bonuses related to the more terrain based spells (elemental walls/investitures, etc.) I also had a concept of they could eventually have a permanent (or at least longer lasting) elemental/construct companion, but I'm not quite sure how to implement that (like connect it to Conjure Elementals or something).

    But yeah, right now this is heavily in the conceptual phase, and I've had a tapping week that has drained by creative brainpower for the time being. Anyway, do people have any ideas for anything? It doesn't have to be straight up Geomancy, but a druid-y wizard that is less connected to fey and animals than plants and the general terrain. Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Just make the wizard elemental. Take some inspiration from druid yes, but also nature cleric spells (which I think are mostly druid) and the third monk spec that no one talks about. Add those with any elemental spells that you can find. Make the 'wizard' not be able to talk to nature, but instead shape it with things like stone shape or any weather spells. Anything that you can to make it more selfish self full filling power than a kindly wise wizard. That is the best way to get more wizardy instead of druidy.

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    What are you missing from this concept if you ust play a Circle of the Land druid?

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    School of the Nomad

    2nd Level - Self Taught - Starting with this level and when you gain additional levels in this class, you choose a third spell to add to your spell book. This spell must be from the Druid's spell list and counts as a Wizard spell for you

    6th Level - Weather Ward - You and creatures of your choosing within 30' of you suffer no adverse affects from natural weather

    10th Level - Elemental Ward - You and creatures of your choosing within 15' of you gain resistance to damage from fire, cold, lightning and thunder

    14th Level - Return Home - You designate a place in the multiverse as your true home. Once per day you can magically teleport there from anywhere in the multiverse, along with up to 5 other creatures of your choosing within 30' of you.

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