So, last Friday I started a stream series on setting building, using D&D 5e as a skeleton for the rules system (much like Cubicle 7 did with Lord of the Rings when they brought it to 5e with "Adventures in Middle-Earth").
I described the basics, everything was going smooth (in my opinion).

This week, disaster! My streaming program wasn't picking up my desktop like it was last week (and I tried to fix it for about a half hour).

I had to cancel my stream until further notice. I am going to try to fix the problem, and I hope to continue the series in the future.

If you would like to see what my series is like, you can watch the archived footage here -

You can also follow me on Twitch here to get notifications for when I go live. This series will run on Fridays, usually around 9-10pm EST, which is 6-7pm PST.

Live footage will be on Twitch, archived footage will be on YouTube.

The series is about designing a D&D 5e setting, it gives hints, tips, asks questions, and hopes to answer them. And I will also talk about aspects of my setting as I go through this "build."

If you wish to leave me feedback here about my video-
please leave good comments in red, as red is my favorite color,
and please leave comments where you talk garbage about how bad my video is in blue, as blue is not my favorite color.
But no, honestly, feedback is welcomed, as long as it's not, "Hur-dur, you suck! Quit now!"

Here, you can read Ed Greenwood's review -
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What a nice man, even if it wasn't that good. But who knows? Maybe it were?!?