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The Barrier Peaks where in Greyhawk, because Greyhawk was the main setting at tge time of publication. There is nothing unequally Greyhawkian in the adventure. It could be anywhere.

As for the thinking behind this adventure, I suspect the idea is to have something "alien" without the 1970s space opera tropes.

Also reminded of the Planer Sphere quest in BG2.
Well .... yes, and no.

I mean, there's a lot that you can interchange between, say, Greyhawk, and FR, and Mystara, and City State of the Invincible Overlord, and, well, a number of the more "generic kitchen sink settings" without too much fuss.

That said, there is something profoundly weird to those of us who grew up playing these exquisitely and explicitly Ur-Greyhawk materials to hear others say, "Eh, whatever, it can be anywhere." I mean, it's expedition to the Barrier Peaks. The Barrier Peaks is a PLACE IN GREYHAWK. The feel of certain modules (especially those of the late 70 and early 80s, unless explicitly otherwise) evokes, um, Greyhawk. I mean, they can be set in another place, in the same way that you can pick up Shadowdale and plunk it down in your own setting ... but it's not quite the same as saying that the Barrier Peaks are not uniquely Greyhawk- because they kind of are.