4E What Adventures/Adventure Paths Do You Suggest?
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    What Adventures/Adventure Paths Do You Suggest?

    So it looks like I'll be DMing some 4e soon. I've already started the official H1-E3 series with another group and looking for something else. I'm curious about Zeitgeist, but I'm afraid it might be a little complex for my more casual group.
    Any ideas?
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    It would depend on what your players are looking for. I think Zeitgeist is quite complex, and would probably be better once you and your group have some 4e experience.
    I'd recommend checking out Scales of War for full epic campaign, or Reavers of Harkenwold for a smaller starting adventure.
    Also the Chaos Scar adventures are quite fun for a adventure of the week style game.
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    The Chaos Scar is a good sandbox, with a lot of low-level adventures and a few ones that go up to Paragon Tier. You can create a whole campaign with those adventures, with a tie to the Nentir Vale, so you can exploit this to steal stuff from the general 4e sources. If you have access to it, "Keep of the Borderlands: A season of serpents" is a good way to start a campaign in the Chaos Scar.
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    I can only agree with the last posts: Try the smaller Chaos Scar adventures from Dungeon magazine (if you have access to them). Works good for casual groups because there isn't a big engulfing meta story that your players have to memorize. Even though I absolutely love Zeitgeist, it's nothing I would confront casual players with. Too complex.
    The Scales of War path is also okay. Really depends on how much fighting you want to do. There are several cool ideas and atmospheric locations, but they are all wrapped in a lot of combat.

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    If the Living Forgotten Realms adventures are still available on the Web or from WotC, there are some good ones you can use.

    I still remember AGLA1-1 (but not the title alas), where our group was waylaid by some pixies who wanted "Tell us a story!"
    We found out who could ad-lib.

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    Reavers of Harkenwold is great. I've ran it multiple times, good sandbox low-level adventure.

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    I'll toss in Madness at Gardmore Abbey- again, interesting sandbox for higher level Heroic tier, and certain things about the adventure are determined by random roll by the DM, so someone who has previously gone through it before can discover that NPCs aren't the same as they think they are.

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