Message board game.

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    Message board game.

    I have just been in the "In Character" and "Story hour" forums and am wondering how to get into a message board game.

    I am on here all the time and can post regularly and am really looking forward to playing a game on here, be it SW or D&D.

    If anyone can point me towards a game or too, much thanks.
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    I dont want to limit myself to just playing on this board either, if anyone can help me with finding any games on the net to play. Thanks.
    "I do not want to be connected with a ship that does not sail fast... for I intend to sail into harm's way." John Paul Jones

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    If you're quick, you may be able to get in on the game here: - it looks like they're starting soon, and that the character types available are very flexible. has a TON of resources for on-line gaming.
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    (???) I thought everything on this message board was a roleplaying game.

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    Valhalla hosts several games, and I imagine that if you registered there and asked, you would find a game pretty quickly.

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    Its designed specificly for a message board style game where you can make your own message board.

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    Originally posted by Sciurus Rex
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    You could also contact the DM, either in a thread in a forum that you know they frequent (more likely the In Character forum), or email them. Some games also have OOC threads, you could post there and try to get their attention.

    Just some tips. The Psionicle may be open to a few more people later on, so I'm just checking out who would be interested in joining in.
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    If you want an excellent site for playing message board games on, then go to:

    One of the best online gaming sites out there.
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    There is online gaming at - seems like they have all versions of D&D, plus other games like Lejendary Adventures, GURPS, Hackmaster, Middle Earth, Star Wars, etc. - and those are just the games that currently have openings.

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