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    Need a name for a magic item

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    I've got a magic item that I made for a character but am stumped on what to name it and would appreciate your input. Here's the item's description:

    This form-fitting, sleeveless, ankle-length, robe-like garment is fashioned from dark, midnight blue velvet that sometimes appears to shimmer and sparkle as though made from the night sky, and features thigh-high slits in the back, sides, and front, for flowing ease of movement, as well as a deep hood. It fastens in front with several stealthslaked black metal buttons and is lined on the inside with sleek black satin, featuring numerous small pockets. While worn, its wearer can alter their appearance at will, as a standard action, as with a camouflage or disguise self spell. The cassock can maintain only one effect at a time, however, and grants its wearer a + 2 competence bonus on Stealth checks due to its construction. Its wearer can also cause the cassock to shimmer and sparkle like glints of starlight as a free action, granting a + 2 circumstance bonus on Perform (dance) checks, and may use the sparkles, and a Perform (dance) check, to create a hypnotic effect, forcing all creatures within 30 feet to make a Will save (with a DC equal to the result of the Perform check) to avoid becoming fascinated (as if by the hypnosis spell) for as long as the wearer concentrates (and continues dancing). Doing so drains the cassock of its magical energies until fulldark (i.e., midnight), however, preventing its wearer from making use of its camouflage or disguise self effects until the magic recharges. Armor Bonus: + 0; Aura: faint illusion; Caster Level: 1st; Slot: Body; Weight: about 1 lb.

    Any thoughts ? Thus far the only thing I can come up with is cassock of camouflage and disguise or cassock of midnight, neither of which sound right to me. Anybody got anything better ?


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    Well, I can think of one thing I don't care for about your description of the gown - I can tell you as a woman who often wears full-length skirts that having 4 slits in the garment to the mid-thigh makes this thing a horrible entanglement hazard that no dancer would EVER wear. Try two slits to the knee, on the sides. That's far more useful, and removes the "long panels of fabric wrapping around my legs, tripping me" problem. I would call it a Midnight Gown or Midnight Robe. Cassocks have a specific religious connotation that I would not think you want for this particular garment. Or name it after the person who previously (famously?) wore it.
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    Fair enough. I based the garment on the Hellraiser Cassock and the Necomantic Coat from

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    It was made specifically for an Inquisitor/Monk/Rogue of Eilistraee, the dark elven goddess of song, dance, swordwork, hunting, and moonlight, and has no previous owner. But if you think two knee-high slits on the sides are sufficient, I'll bow to your experience.

    I suppose I could call it a Midnight Raiment. Anybody have anything better ?

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    Well, a form-fitting, sleeveless gown with slits on the sides sounds like a cheongsam or qipao to me:

    So, cheongsam of midnight? Qipao of shadows?

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    Good names. Very monk-esque.

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    As an alternative, have the slits front and back, like a Hussar's coat: Better for riding.

    As for a name: Eilistraee's Gown seems like a natural, or "Robe of Ailistraee" if you want to follow the naming conventions already in the book.

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