My First Attempt at a Controlling/Face Warlock for a New Home Campaign
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    My First Attempt at a Controlling/Face Warlock for a New Home Campaign

    Afriend of mine is probably starting up a new home campaign in a fewweeks. No I donít know anything yet about the campaign, so it ispossible that this wonít work. No I donít know what anyone elseis bringing yet, so this may not work with the group dynamic oroverlap too much with one or more other characters.
    Havingsaid that, I like the customization capability within the warlockclass. I really like the non-vancian spell casting mechanic (and Iímeager to see how well it actually works). Controlling casters are inmy experience (with other game systems) almost always useful. Unlessit is almost straight combat and/or dungeon crawl, a face characteris also usually useful.

    Sohere I am with my wish list for ultimate power! Mwuhaha!!!
    A]I just love the thought of eventually having all the utility ritualspells from every class. So that means he must be pact of the Tomeand the first invocation must be Book of Ancient Secrets.
    B]Either the Archfey or Great Old One looks like it would work as aPatron. I would probably pid Drow if I went with Archfey or Tieflingif I went with Great Old One. Iím currently leaning toward TieflingGreat Old One, but I havenít made up my mind for sure yet.

    Abilities(assuming Tiefling)
    Str8, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 12 (11+1), Wis 13, Cha 16 (14+1)

    Invocations(in the order I would plan to take them)
    2:Book of Ancient Secrets & Mask of Many Faces
    5:Agonizing Blast
    7:Sculptor of Flesh
    9:Fiendish Vigor
    12evilís Sight
    15:Repelling Blast and switch Mask of Many Faces to Master of MyriadForms

    8:Charisma +2
    12:Resilient Ė Constitution
    19:Charisma +2

    Cantrips:Eldritch Blast (duh) and Friends or Minor Illusion (depends on howsocial heavy the campaign seem like it will be). Then from PotT:Spare the Dying, Guidance, and Thaumaturgy
    1:Tashaís Hideous Laughter, Hellish Rebuke
    2:Charm Person or Hex
    3:Suggestion or Crown of Madness
    4:Mirror Image
    5:Hunger of Hadar
    8imension Door

    Questions,concerns, thoughts, suggestions, impressions?

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    In my opinion, getting your Cha to 20 is more useful than Lucky, so I'd order your ASI

    +2 Cha, +2 Cha, Resilient(Con), Lucky, Alert

    I think you should take Agonizing Blast at level 2, and Mask of Many Faces at level 5 (Take a background that gives you proficiency in the Disguise Kit and use that until then)

    I'm not a fan of Hellish Rebuke, it does low damage and only works on a target who just attacked you, I'd recommend taking Hex instead for the extra damage.

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    Skip "Spare the Dying". You can do the same thing with a Healer's Kit.

    Go with something like Thorn Whip or Toll The Dead instead. Both can be used within melee range without Disadvantage, unlike Eldritch Blast. Thorn Whip has the added benefit of the no-save pull for extra battlefield control, and pairs nicely with Repelling Blast to be able to push or pull as needed. Toll The Dead had the added benefit of requiring a save instead of an attack roll, so is useful against high AC enemies or enemies in partial cover.

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