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    That's a lot of Liches...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parmandur View Post
    That's a lot of Liches...
    I got 99 problems...
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    Per the adventure for stores #10 is Muiral's Gauntlet, #14 is Arcturiadoom and the rest you have are correct.

    Also level #1 is suggested for 5th level characters, #2 for 6th, #3 for 7th, #4 & 5 for 8th, #6 & 7 for 9th, #8 & 9 for 10th, and each two after that are +1 level until you get to #23 which is suggested for L17-20 characters.

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    It would be interesting to see the design or play test notes on the higher pc level dungeon levels. How did dungeon level 22 and 23 play out and the overall 5e system. Our campaign is as level 10 and having fun and more curious than anything for my high level play feedback.

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    So glad Vanrakdoom is confirmed. One of my players is from House Moonstar so it was going to be a big deal as part of her family history.

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    Updated this list with the associated character levels.
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