[5e] KamikazeLock (build for level 8/9)
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    [5e] KamikazeLock (build for level 8/9)

    KamikazeLock by Tielhar

    Hello, so I have never posted to this website so sorry for any formatting errors. I have had an idea for a short campaign I am playing with my friends, which is likely not going to get past Level 10 due to the DM having to leave soon. However, I had an idea for a strange build based off the Warlock's Eldritch Blast.

    The point of this build is to destroy groups of enemies at level 8 or 9 if you don't expect the campaign to get to level 20 or near it.

    For context, the DM allows Xanathar's and UA, and is allowing spell opportunity attacks with Polearm Master. Also, he is not using the alternative rule that causes Exhaustion from not taking long rests.
    - In the case that the DM wants to give you Exhaustion for not taking long rests, you can take Warforged instead of Human, which prevents you from being affected by Exhaustion. With this build, you would have to take a few more levels in fighter to get the last feat.

    I realize this is pretty specific, and may not always be buildable or viable, but it was just an idea I had. It'll also fall behind in huge boss fights, but for a campaign ending at level 10, this doesn't matter much and you can still Coffeelock for single targets.

    Ability Scores: Max CHA, then CON and get DEX to 16 so you still get +2 with your medium armor, while WIS, INT, and STR are dump stats.
    Race: Human(Variant), take War Caster feat to allow your opportunity attacks to be spells. Put +1 into CHA, and the other into CON or DEX, whatever one is odd (to get that modifier up).
    Background: Doesn't really matter, but I chose Criminal.

    Level 1- Sorcerer
    You'll need the ability to cast Darkness later, and being able to see it for free makes it so you don't need the Fiend Patron and you don't have to use a precious invocation on Devil's Sight.

    Level 2- Hexblade Warlock
    Eldritch Blast (which is core of build) is 1d10, Hex (for a +1d6/hit on enemy), Hexblade because the curse, plus armor and shield.
    - Curse gives you proficiency bonus to each hit on the cursed enemy, but due to it being 1 enemy/short rest, its not crucial to this build.

    Level 3- Warlock 2
    Eldritch invocations, take Agonizing Blast (add CHA to E.B., which is necessary), and Repelling Blast to keep enemies away from you, it will synergize with Polearm Master later to make you untouchable.

    Level 4- Warlock 3
    Pact of Chain to get an invisible imp scout to give you a little edge in battle, which helps recover from your multiclassing-caused lack of new abilities.
    But more importantly, your warlock slots are now level 2.

    Level 5- Sorcerer 2
    Sorc 2 for the Font of Magic- you can start building up sorcerer points! Every short rest, you get 4 sorcerer points by turning your warlock slots into sorcery points, and then turn those points into sorcerer slots, since there is no limit on those slots you can make.

    Level 6- Sorcerer 3 - NOT SO BAD
    Metamagics- Quicken is the one you really want (to cast 2 E.B. per turn), the other doesn't really matter for this build). Also, now you have two beams for E.B., so you're at 2(d10+CHA mod), and they can each knockback the enemy 10 ft so THEY WILL NEVER TOUCH YOU!.

    At this level, you should be doing pretty well.
    - Because you have your CoffeeLock slots, you can kill things by Quickening E.B. so you're shooting 4d10 + 4*CHA per turn for Eldritch Blast. Combine this with Hex (which you can move from one enemy to the other when it dies), and you're doing 4d10 + 4*CHA + 4d6 in a round, and can push the enemy back 40 feet.
    At this point you're a Coffeelock and can keep building up sorcery points to keep casting Hex and Quickening your E.B. and deal that ridiculous damage. When you're not fighting groups consistently, this is where your power comes from. However, the group destruction comes into affect in a couple levels.

    Level 7- Sorcerer 4
    Polearm Master, now opportunity attacks can be Eldritch Blast, occur whenever an enemy comes within 10 feet, and you can be 10 feet away when reacting with your E.B., preventing disadvantage from your "ranged" spell attack (also noone can touch you still).

    Level 8- Fighter 1 - HERE IS WHERE YOU BEGIN SHINE!
    Take the Tunnel Fighter from the UA, which allows you to: "As a bonus action, you can enter a defensive stance that lasts until the start of your next turn. While in your defensive stance, you can make opportunity attacks without using your reaction, and you can use your reaction to make a melee attack against a creature that moves more than 5 feet while within your reach." Since E.B. can be your opportunity attacks, if anything comes near you, they die.

    After casting Darkness on yourself, (which you can see through due to Shadow Sorc), giving enemies disadvantage against you, you let the party back away as you set up a defensive stance in the tunnel/hallway/etc. A swarm of goblins charges into the darkness, but guess what? You get to hit every single one with a 2d10 + 2*CHA laser as soon as they get within 10 feet of you, and once they leave your reach to attack the party behind you, you get another 2d10 + 2*CHA on each.

    Level 9- Warlock 4
    Take the Crossbow Expert feat, so now if the enemies get close to you, you can still attack without disadvantage

    Further Levels-

    If you had to take Warforged, get Fighter up to 4 to take Crossbow Expert if you want it.
    If you didn't, still take fighter to 2 for the Action surge and 4 to max out CHA. This build is really meant for level 8/9, so yeah.

    Action Surge at fighter level 2 (Character level 11) gives you 8d10 + 8*CHA + 8d6

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    It looks like you are optimizing for your DM's house rules. One that really enables the abuse of coffeelock, and another that allows a scaling cantrip for opportunity attacks plus an older UA that's one of the few sources of additional OAs.

    Just to clarify one of your DM's house rules - normally you can't use a cantrip to make a OA without the Warcaster feat. Is that also being ignored? I don't see it in your build.

    A point to be careful: You're overloading your bonus action economy a great deal. If you use Tunnel Fighter's stance you can't quicken an EB. If your target dies and you want to move your Hex, you can't quicken an EB. This is one of those places where theory crafting and practical play may have a big gap.

    Just a small bit for the end, action surge only gives an additional action, nto an additional turn. So action surge at 11 gives you one quickened and two normal castings. Of course, at 11th it goes up to three beams so it's actually more than you had listed, just wanted you to be aware it's 3x3, not 2x(2x2).

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