RPGnet bans those in support of the president
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    RPGnet bans those in support of the president

    There isn't much I can say since I can't go into the political realm itself (and I don't want to), but I see that nobody posted this on ENWorld yet and it's pretty big news among our circles

    RPGnet has issued an official ban policy on any posters who make a post that could be construed as support for President Trump

    It's interesting to me that they feel so strongly that they must "protect and care for the small patch that is this board". And strange they they wouldn't rather do what EN World just does and ban political discussion entirely. It's disappointing to me that a site I love has to drag their political views into the level of enforcement in their community -- and I know I have to be super careful to avoid politcal discussion here -- I actually don't like Trump either. I would just really like to use their website without the feeling like I'm trying to enjoy myself under the shadow of the S.S.

    I understand if this thread may need to be locked; I just wanted to post it since it's "news-worthy" for us all. I'm curious whether anyone else feels like this way to deal with things, from a community moderator standpoint, gives them bad vibes, too.

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    Interesting... I don't like most politicians as a general rule, but I worry about stuff like this. Once one unspoken rule of civility is broken by one faction, other factions follow and you end up with weird tests of ideological purity being bandied about by all.

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    Very well put!

    Actually I'll add to that. I'm seeing this happen at my job (which swings fairly heavily, although usually casually, to the left) more and more since Trump. I guess at least this means I've probably seen it at its worst. But yeah, people have become very self-rightous about their views and more outspoken than ever before in my circles. I just don't see how this is a positive factor in the growth of their community. I also wonder how many silent Trump supporters are not worrying themselves over it and still enjoying being part of RPGnet anyway.
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    Isn't it that in the end the people running the site get to decide how it's run? If they want to change the focus to knitting them it's their right. If the decision ruins the site then that is on them. Choose to stay or choose to go, that is your choice.

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    Doesn't mean I have to be happy to make a choice. I respected that site for all the awesome RPG game reviews they've had over the years. I've based many purchase decisions based on their guest reviewers. The forums I haven't used so much. There were some good reads, but I didn't spend a lot of time there. But yeah, my personal choice is going to be to boycott the site.

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    If you want to comment on the moderation policies of another forum, it's best you do it there, not here.

    Thread closed.

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