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    Toril in a box

    This is a science fiction idea, which may soon become reality with the advancement of Artificial intelligence. Imagine that it is the year 2035 and there is a computer sitting in a laboratory. Strong artificial intelligence has been a reality for over a decade, and now finally we have a computer that simulates an entire world and that world is Toril from the Forgotten Realms.

    A few details of the world where this computer exists are in order. If we have computers that are that powerful, this would have huge implications for the real world. Most corporations in this day and age are fully automated, they have an AI as CEO, and all of its work is done by AIs and robots. Human beings on the other hand have nothing but free time to do whatever they want within reason. Each year the government provides a voucher to every human citizen to purchase stocks, bonds, or other financial instruments that earn a rate of return, and it is from those investment earnings that most people derive their income, not from employment.

    People with nothing better to do with their spare time develop some hobbies, and one of those is playing Dungeons and Dragons. Well here comes a machine that plays Dungeons & Dragons, a vast super computer hosting millions if AIs within at once. Each AI thinks its a creature or a person in this setting, they aren't aware of the outside real world, to them Toril is the real world as they know no other. Enter the PCs, they want to be entertained. There are devices so advanced using nanotechnology that one can actually upload an entire person's mind into a computer, and when they do that, their life of leisure ends. There are no automated AIs serving you in Toril, everyone here needs to earn a living, so what would you do?
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