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    Deepest desire

    Hey everybody, new here. I'm looking around to see what everyone would like in a dice tray or tower. Do you have a favorite one or brand. If money wasnt an issue what would you buy? I'm a woodworker and owner of a company called Timber Alchemy Gaming. I created works of art for all of us that love a quality handcrafted product. I'm launching a kickstarter soon, but before I do I would like as much feedback as possible. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks all!
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    I don't use towers, but if I did;
    - collapsible so I can carry and/or store it easily
    - if it were castle-like, I might use it as a display trinket
    - not loud, I hate loud dice cups and towers, it should have enough padding/sound deadening so you can just hear the rolls
    - thematically appropriate, in shape and/or etching
    - quick, not too many levels or diverts that it take more than an instant to use
    - as small as reasonable, table space is always at a premium
    - perhaps the ability to hang on a GM screen

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    Awesome! Thanks for the feedback. I actually just bought the wood today to begin my prototype. Collapsible is definitely in the plans, I was planning castle style with a customizable sign on the front. Total size will most likely be 12 inch x 5 or 6inch.ill post a pic when I'm done with it!

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