[2000AD] Figureing out defense
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    [2000AD] Figureing out defense

    Hey, it's me again, sorry.

    So I am trying to figure out my melee defense and here is what the PDF says.

    For each score, form a dice pool consisting of attribute, skill, and equipment, as normal (and subject to the normal dice pool limit). Use the following elements to form the dice pool:
    For MELEE DEFENCE use the highest of your STR and AGI

    For MELEE and RANGED DEFENCE, you may use acrobatics, dodging or foresight.

    For MELEE DEFENCE, the quality of your weapon or shield can be used in your dice pool (although
    you cannot benefit from more equipment quality dice than skill dice; see page 123).

    Okay, so my highest STR is 9. Then according to the table on page 124 that would be a 3d6, right? Then I would add 1d6 if I have acrobatics, dodging or foresight, right? Then I go back to page 79, look at the table and write on my character sheet 11?

    As for equipment, the better quality the better it is at SOAK, correct?
    But then there is DEFENCE which seems to be something different from SOAK.

    How much of that did I get right?

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    I make that 14 DEFENSE. 3d6 is 11. 4d6 is 14.

    SOAK and DEFENCE are two different things. DEFENCE is how hard it is to hit you. SOAK is how much damage your armour lets you ignore.

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    Great thanks.

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