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    Forge of Fury

    So, I am a fairly new DM and have been doing some reading on new modules. My group is 6 level 3s who completed Sunless Citadel and are now in Forge of Fury. I have just started reading about Waterdeep Dragon Heist and Waterdeep Dungeon of the Mad Mage. These sound super fun, but I don't think I could really go from Forge of Fury to this series. My question is, could it be possible to bring them to Waterdeep Mad Mage after Forge of Fury. I know the Waterdeep stuff is a 2 part adventure, but do I really need to do Dragon Heist. If so, how without dealing with a of tweaking? As I said, I am still relatively new at DMing. I anticipate them being level 5 by the time Forge of Fury is done (I was going to run them through Storm King after but am very, VERY intrigued by Waterdeep), so they would be at a perfect level for the starting point. Any thoughts?
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    Welcome to ENWorld!

    I don't see any problem going from Forge of Fury to Dungeon of the Mad Mage. Your group will be too high in level to do Dragon Heist - so I would save your money and not even bother with that. Good luck!

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    You just have to come with a reason they need to go to Waterdeep.

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    You probably want to make sure the Forge is near enough to Waterdeep that it makes sense to go there to sell the loot. Perhaps something they find leads them to Waterdeep to finish a side quest.

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    I like the old days when they didn't do super modules that cost $50.

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    They find something in Forge of Fury - heirloom-quality sword, ring of family crest / insignia, instructions to repair Waterdeep's stone guardians, harness for unusual mount? - that is of interest to a Waterdeep noble family and they would owe the PCs a hefty favor if it were to be delivered / returned. The noble family has vast resources (as far as the PCs are concerned).

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    Theres bo reason you cant run whatever adventure you like after Forge of Fury. And from what Ive seen, theres nothing that would prevent you from running Mad Mage without having run Dragon Heist.

    Its your game, you can do whatever you and your players want!

    As others have suggested, just come up with a reason for your PCs to travel to Waterdeep after Forge, any reason at all, and then youre all set.

    Have fun!

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    Maybe they end up with the deed to a manor in Trollskull Alley....

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    Thank you everyone for the suggestions. Since The Yawning Portal is in Waterdeep, this will make it easy for me to bring them to the Undermountain. I really appreciate all the thoughts! Going to get the book as soon as it is out and go from there!

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