Question about (other)/Poison dual damage type vs SOAK
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    Question about (other)/Poison dual damage type vs SOAK

    Poison. Poison damage can come aboutfrom gas, bioweapons, atmosphere, radiation,food, stingers, bites and more; armor does notsoak it unless noted.
    This makes it pretty clear that poison as a damage type ignores SOAK. My question involves damage types that are paired with Poison, such as ballistic when a Bio-active upgrade is applied to a weapon.

    Bio-active (1,500cr). Bio-active weaponryis the far future equivalent of poisoned darts.Biological warfare, while disdained, is notuncommon. A bio-active weapon (either melee or ranged) is designed to emit small amountsof bioactive material onto the ammunition orstriking edge of the weapon. Only weaponswhich fire bullets, or melee weapons which doslashing or piercing damage qualify for a bioactiveupgrade. The bio-active agent adds thepoison damage type to the weapon’s damage(e.g. changing a pistol to ballistic/poisondamage.)
    So, for piercing/poison, slashing/poison, and ballistic/poison damage types, how do attacks made with these weapons interact with SOAK?

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    Generally speaking, SOAK (and immunities etc.) have to apply to all damage types. The non-SOAKing of armour is slightly awkwardly phrased, though, I'll admit! Basically, if you have *been* poisoned (gas, food, atmosphere, etc.), armour isn't going to help you. If the poison is on a weapon, then sure, armor will help. It's all about the delivery system.

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    Here is a way to run Poison for Bio-active ammo or poisoned swords.

    Example: A sword that does 2d6 +2 damage +The poison type upgrade.
    enemy wears a a kevlar vest, if the initial damage breaks through the soak then the Enemy is now moved one step up the Poisoned status with the cost of a LUC die.
    Much like the Prisoner careers' Shiv: "you know how to use it: when you do piercing damage with a small knife, you may spend a LUC die to automatically inflict the Bleeding condition."

    This makes getting the Poison upgrade a lot more useful and viable ingame.

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