5E Necromancer Sorcerer
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    Necromancer Sorcerer

    So i am making a necromancer sorcerer right, but one that bucks the trend of cackling mage who wants to overthrow kingdom after kingdom with a massive undead army of monstrosities. I want to play one that goes the opposite way and helps people with this missunderstood art of magic. But I do not know a way to execute it right.

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    Mechanically what do you expect the necromancer to do? The core necromancer gimmick is to raise undead and have them fight for him. If you want to raise a bunch of undead and use them to fight for good goals, then mechanically you're going to use the same abilities and combos as the cackling usurper. If you want to do something other than raising undead, you probably need to spell out what it is you want to do, because other than raising dead the necromancer abilities and spells are not much different than any other caster.

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