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    Any of the Ranger's "call in an artillery volley" spells sound like what you are looking for. AFB so I cannot compare / contrast them, alas. They get one such spell per level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gladius Legis View Post
    Haven't seen Conjure Volley (5th level) mentioned in this thread yet. Which is actually a pretty terrific AoE for the following reasons:
    - 40-foot radius, which is 2x that of Fireball, which equals 4x the area covered by a Fireball.
    - 8d8 damage (36) is comparable to a Fireball upcast with a 5th-level slot (10d6 = 35).
    - You can change the damage type when you cast it. Want piercing damage? Fire a bow. Slashing? Throw a handaxe. Bludgeoning? Fire a sling.

    The only knock is that it doesn't scale, but that's not really a big deal since IMO a Fireball upcast with a slot higher than 5th is a waste, anyway.
    That really is a nice spell. My only concern is how many creatures levels 10+ characters will be fighting who are immune to non-magical B/S/P. Fire is pretty common resist/immunity, so I don't think it's a problem.

    (The spell specifies non-magical ammo/weapon and that the damage type is the same as the ammo/weapon.)

    My go-to thread about types of resistances only count total resistance/immunity to B/S/P, not just non-magical. Worth sharing anyway:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue View Post
    My only concern is how many creatures levels 10+ characters will be fighting who are immune to non-magical B/S/P.
    That's a good point, but I'm not sure that there's significant overlap between the groups of "monsters that are immune to non-magical weapons" and "monsters that show up in large number, and require an AoE solution".

    Even when I was running a game at level 20, the group very rarely faced more than two Titans at the same time.

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