ZEITGEIST Polyhistor cheat sheet
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    Polyhistor cheat sheet

    After one of my players expressed some frustration at the complexity of the Polyhistor paragon path, I got inspired to make a one-page reference guide to try to make it easier.

    Note that I did take some liberties with the path...
    1. I renamed some effects to make them a little more accurate.
      • "Two Targets" became "Extra Attack"
      • "Multiple Targets" became "Area Attack"
      • "Damage" for Brute stance became "Bonus Damage"

    2. From the way the path is written, it seems like the intent is to have the player with a physical pool of d6s in front of them, so I wasn't a fan of the way Brute stance forced you to go hunting around the table for d8s. Instead, I just gave each d6 a +1 damage bonus so the pool stays d6-exclusive, and the average result remains the same at 4 or 5 bonus damage per die.
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    Thanks! I have a player who's planning on taking that paragon path and he'll surely find this useful.
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