You cant MC into SOR since your CHR is too low, it needs to be 13.

If you did do that then you cast BB you use your melee attack modifier, not wisdom, so make sure you watch that.

Warcaster and BB and other OppATT stuff only have value if your group forces OppAtt, if you are the tank that happens less as they just stop and attack you. Make sure you use Command to get them to flee and someone else uses something like Dissonant Whispers to get the OppAtt going. With your abilities I just would have taken Resilient instead of Warcaster, its more general applicable as Warcaster give you advantage on Concentration saves from taking damage only. Resilient also provides a bigger bonus.

You need to get WIS higher since you should be going Spiritual Weapon in round one and then Spirit Guardians in round 2 for melee situations. That's a bonus action attack with spiritual weapon (d8+4) for you now and a regular attack for 2d8+4 and then the spirit guardians for 3d8. That's going to be your go to combo.

Keep Warcaster and take ASI for WIS. Ask DM (since you are new) to change Warcaster to Resilient and then take WIS still.

Also, as DM, I let the Thunderbolt Strike cleric feature apply to thunder also. Or make Sacred Flame lightning instead of Radiant. Otherwise it applies to almost nothing unless you get a lightning weapon. I would also make sure you got a lightning weapon, as it fits the PC you invested time in. Or even BB put on your spell list instead of another spell. Things that increase damage are fun (more dice, bigger numbers) but not game-breaking like conditions are.