Virtua Rasa (a new VTT platform)
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    Virtua Rasa (a new VTT platform)


    @jolhoeft and I have been working on a new virtual tabletop (VTT) for the last few years, and we think it's ready to show to other people and get the tires kicked a little! It's called "Virtua Rasa" and it's at

    We have a demo set up where you automatically get a temporary token (aka unit) to get your feet wet, or you can make a free account and start setting up your own game (or playing in someone else's). Let us know what you think.

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    To add a few more details,

    We don't collect anything but your email address, and we don't sell anyone's personal information or send any unsolicited email - right now, we're seeing if we can fund this entirely with the community's support. (We only need your email address to help reset your password if you forget it.)

    We already have support for:

    • virtual tabletops (this one is pretty key)
    • wikis
    • forums
    • text chat
    • tabletop game streaming (aka "augmented reality")
    • real-time map interaction for token movement and telestrator ("John Madden drawing")
    • initiative tracking
    • unique per-map languages, in case you need inspiration for a name

    Some of the other things that make us different from the other virtual tabletops are:

    • We built this to support network play first, so it should be pretty easy to start up that game with your friend who moved to the other side of the country.
    • We also built it to support real tabletop play. We got tired of painting our minis but not getting to use them, so we made it easy to use a webcam over your gaming table and show off all the minis and terrain and maps that you've already got.
    • While doing that, we discovered "DungeonCam," where you put a webcam at the eye level of your mini and get a scale point-of-view of all the awesome stuff your adventurer is encountering. Some of those minis are staggering when you see them from eye level (or below, if they're really big and fearsome critters)!
    • By mashing up live cameras, text chat, and real-time token movement, we think we've brought something new and better to tabletop gaming. When your friend's video or audio app hiccups, now you have another way to let them know what's happening in the game. If you can't make it to your friend's house for some reason, you can still play! (Also, by using low bandwidth text chat and low framerate video, more gameplay can get through, even when the Internet is being slow or lossy.)
    • Please give it a try and let us know what you think. There are certainly things that could be made easier to use, so please let us know if you run into something that doesn't make sense or seems broken. We have more things we'd like to add, but want to hear what people are looking for.

    If you have any questions, please ask me or jolhoeft!


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