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Thanks for the analysis that isn't as divergent as I remember, I am going with your thinking. Also sorry about wandering significantly off topic into dredgeville on this thread I think that is my fault.
That is fine, and this is just my opinion based on OSR adventures I have played recently. For homebrew and how people,played back then in the 80's I could be way off IDK.

We levelled up fast in the 90's because we used 1E Dungeon magazines which had copious amounts of loot+ were shorter than the TSR modules. Hence level 11 or 12 1E Druid.

We might also power through stuff faster now than back inthe 90's due to RL stuff and a lot more experience. AD&D buff spells tend to be terrible for example but strength is great (Bulls Strength in 3.x terms). The levelling rate would vary by each groups playstyle hence why I used published adventures. Palace of the Silver Princess is a lot quicker than say B2 or B5. X8 lasted 3 sessions this year IIRC.