1E Temple of Elemental Evil battle map
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    Temple of Elemental Evil battle map

    Hello all,

    Decided to make a modernized battle map I can load into a VTT for TTEE. I've got the first floor done. This version has no accompanying features or even secret/concealed doors shown so it could also be used as a Player Map. I'll be creating a version with all the stuff described in the module within the rooms (no actual module details just stuff like chairs, inanimate skeletons, etc).

    I also tried to keep the hand-drawn discrepancies in there as far as size/scale (except the top right corner room, you should know the one I'm talking about. That room's weird crammed look always bugged the perfectionist in me). So obviously it's not overall completely symmetrical and has some imperfect angles but that keeps it more in line with the actual original black and white hand drawn map.

    More to come.
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