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Poll: What races should we get rid of, for REASONS? (May choose more than one)

This poll will close on Friday, 21st December, 2018 at 03:54 PM

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    Remove the design space of ‘race’, entirely.

    So it is more like creating a superhero character, where the ‘race’ is only one of many explanations for where the power comes from.

    Build your character by selecting ability score improvements, feats, and traits. The default is human, but you and the DM decide whatever it is.
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    I know this will never happen, but I'm on my lunch break with nothing better to do.

    First, I would like to see all races - except possibly human - eliminated as "core" races. Then, I would like to see the number of optional races (all of them) presented in the PHB increased. DMs who prefer to homebrew their world would then be instructed to select a handful of player races when designing their world, while each published campaign setting would detail which of the race presented in the PHB are appropriate for player characters in that realm.

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    My last 5 character choices wouldn't be too popular around here:

    I like Tieflings, maybe it's just that they remind me of Planescape?

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    For vanilla drow dragonborn tiefling and halforc should be excluded. These monstrous races do not make much sense in a standard fantasy world. Therefore I voted other.

    But it is all about context. So nothing should be of limits, but also nothing should be of limits to be restricted!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seramus View Post
    Get rid of Humans. Plenty of them in real life, and I want my escapism to ESCAPE!
    Hell no! If my escapism escaped I wouldn't be able to engage in my regular escape from the drudge of reality. I want my escapism to be tightly bound and waiting for me every Thursday and the occasional Saturday.
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    For a serious answer... None of the races should be removed from D&D. Use the ones that make sense for your campaign/setting and ignore the others. What limits or inclusions work for you doesn't necessarily work for others. D&D needs to cater to a wide range of tastes and playstyles, so limiting the game doesn't make sense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by doctorbadwolf View Post
    But the fact you think that anyone who disagrees with you is disinterested in world building is amusing in a cringey sorta way.
    Also in addition to giants there are orcs, goblins, as well as dwarves -- all of which are playable. Even goliaths do not live on the peaks.

    Actually it is the reverse. You seem to put a lot of things into my posts that I never stated or implied.

    At this point I really don't know what your point is since you have thrown in so many non-sequiturs.
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