Ridding D&D of All Races - Multiple Choice Poll - Page 12

View Poll Results: What races should we get rid of, for REASONS? (May choose more than one)

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  • Dragonborn

    87 48.60%
  • Dwarf

    14 7.82%
  • Elf

    19 10.61%
  • Gnome

    38 21.23%
  • Half-Elf

    40 22.35%
  • Half-Orc

    43 24.02%
  • Halfling

    31 17.32%
  • Human

    19 10.61%
  • Tiefling

    72 40.22%
  • Monstrous Races (Orc, Goblin, etc.)

    65 36.31%
  • Any optional race not listed above

    58 32.40%
  • Other - I will explain in the comments

    17 9.50%
  • I like the exact number of races we have.

    10 5.59%
  • We shouldn't eliminate races- WE SHOULD ADD MORE!

    62 34.64%
  • Are we not men? WE ARE DEVO!

    23 12.85%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Any race other than human is bloat and doomed to be abused for its mechanical advantages or its tropes.
    If I must I'll make an exception for dwarves, elves, halflings and/or gnomes, since they're iconic D&D races. But only in a system which has race-as-class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasper View Post
    Elf and half elf. How many varieties of elf are there? Heinz 57 company has less flavors. Baskin-Robbins 36 Ice flavors bow down in the varieties of elves. Hell they call themselves Vulcans and sneaking onto starships now! They hog movie screen time and force directors to come up with more reasons their minor character should have movie screen time. Hell Will Ferrell could be one.
    Tiefling pretty please can I play a demon. Um I mean a fiend. I wouldn't use all the demon abilities. Many cases of beer layer. Yes you can play one.
    Dragonborn. See Tielfing but swap out demon with dragon.
    Are you advocating eliminating Romulans from D&D?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salamandyr View Post
    Eliminate all but humans.
    Yes, except eliminate the humans also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satyrn View Post
    Are you advocating eliminating Romulans from D&D?
    Yes eliminate the Romulans from D&D before they Remus.

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