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@overlord - why gove monsters death saves? As per dmg this is an option.
Why to choose any particular option is up to the individual DM. I'm not arguing for or against it running it this way, I'm pointing out a consequence that happens IF you use them that I think many people would be surprised by. The reason I included an ''if" is that I'm aware that it's an optional rule, the 'if' is a clear acknowledgement that the rule may or may not be in use.

Player to monster balance should rarely if ever be a consideration,
Player to monster balance should always be a consideration of rule changes, as accidentally making monsters (especially what you think are minor enemies) twice as hard to kill without realizing it means that the encounters aren't providing the amount of danger/difficulty that you were trying to achieve. It's not about making monsters mimic the PCs, it's that sometimes a change that has a minor effect for PCs has a major effect for monsters (and even more commonly for one particular type of monsters) and vice versa.

Note for example that your standard MM orc does not benefit from relentless endurance, so player/monster disparity already exists in the system.
No idea what this comment has to do with what I said, as I never made the claim that there is no player/monster disparity in the system.