ZEITGEIST Livia Hatsfield and her powers [minor spoilers]
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    Livia Hatsfield and her powers [minor spoilers]

    Hey folks,

    we're currently at the beginning of the convocation in adventure 7 and I'm the player who's in control of Livia.

    Last session, we had a bit of a discussion about the nature of her Royal Might power. More specifically, the question was whether this power was given to her willingly or whether she just managed to snatch some power away from Aodhan without him noticing.

    The sentence in question is "You exploit Risur's rites of rulership for a moment to gain great power." and we're really not sure whether "exploit" is meant to be negative or neutral.

    Our GM is pretty busy at the moment, so I guess it is my turn to solve this riddle.

    Oh and... what could Livia and Lya have been talking about? Did Lya know about the plan to weaken and eventually replace Aodhan?
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    In my head, Livia has not been granted power intentionally, but she basically rules lawyered herself some mojo by finding an obscure passage of how power can be delegated, and she got a superior (maybe the Viscount?) to sign some paperwork into which she'd slipped a document with some specific language. So yeah, 'exploit' in the sense of 'did so in a way unintended.'

    As for Lya, I don't actually recall when they talked. Given how the Ob compartmentalizes things, Lya maybe assumed there was a contingency plan to deal with Aodhan, but some other group was devising it. Getting info on how the Rites of Rulership worked could have gone multiple ways -- help Lya secure her control after she married Aodhan, weaken the Risuri leadership, or maybe use the same sort of power all over the world after the Ob accomplish whatever they're trying to accomplish.
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    So it was explotative, but no effect that can be reproduced indefinitely. We feared that the Obs might just use her technique to leech off Aodhan's powers en masse like parasites.

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    thank you both. I will take that as a guideline for the future and though i would love to have the OBs leech power en masse, i always thought of the power as too special to be exploited too easily. There must be some conditions met at least.
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