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    Not to derail the convo, but a post-apoc Sword & Sorcery.
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    I'd go with the GoO version. If I was using a Green Ronin I'd default back to True 20. An adaptation of Adventures in Middle Earth would be interesting (5E) if you were involving PCs in some serious quest type stuff. The setting's pretty low magic -- in terms of the players anyway... I like 5E but cutting the magic out would be fairly drastic. That's not hard with True 20 and built in in GoT (GoO) and AiME OK, must focus on my own game... needed homebrewing in progress... *crack of a whip* back to it!

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    Currently playing in ASoIaF campaign in Westeros. We have a few house rules but the system works incredibly well to handle that setting.

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    Actually Conan:Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of requires very little converison to run this very well. The skills and combat work well for it, the period is Medieval (as it is based on the books not the pastiche or movies) and the Sorcery is almost identical. Get a GoT sourcebook and make a few minro changes to background titles and you'd be pretty much ready to go.

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