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    I Prefer the Old Status Tracks

    I've been using OLD v1.1 since I mainly run Fantasy games. I picked up Spirits of Manhattan because I am a Child of the 80s and love Ghostbreakers. I also picked up the WOIN GM Screen by Michael Woods. On it I noticed the Status Tracks on the GM inserts. They weren't the same as the ones I've been using. So I dug up my copies of NEW and NOW v1.2 and also noticed EONS 62 Alternate Critical Hits. I read through the reasoning behind the change and understand why it was made. But I prefer the original system with more tiers of conditions. Do the other v1.2 changes make that unusable? If not, could we maybe get an EONS article that writes up the original rules as "new" alternate ones for reference going forward? That way I won't have to keep referring to v.1.1 rulebooks?


    P.S. BTW Spirits of Manhattan is excellent so far. I'm really liking the Setting/Adventure format you guys have used to introduce new content.

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    The main problem with them was that the initial stages were far too weak, the later stages were rarely reached, and they could be far too hard to shake off. The new system is simpler, but more effective, I feel.

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    I do agree that I usually skipped the first "description only" level. But for example in Bleeding (which is what we ran into the most) jumping straight to 1d6 per turn feels like it's too much. I liked the 1 point per turn to start off.

    Dropping from 5 levels to 2 and having a flat Shake Off roll will definitely speed things up. I'll have to give it a try but I really liked the increasing risk of repercussions that the original gave. I'm obviously in the minority since I couldn't find any other comments about the change.


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    I had similar thoughts on the change to conditions, initially. I haven't had a chance to run a proper game with the updates, but after running a few test battles my opinion changed. The new rules are a little simpler, and getting hit with a condition matters more immediately.

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    The biggest issue I had/have with the new conditions is that when the dice pool increases for high level characters they are inflicting status on every second hit, which stacks up quite quickly.

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