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    Quote Originally Posted by pogre View Post
    Be careful - you could have every player showing up for every session. I had to pull back some invites, because we frequently have 8 or 9 at the table as it is!
    I use and set an RSVP limit - 7 players for Stonehell, 5-6 for Thule.

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    I've always wanted to run a West Marches style game.

    I started with an idea for one once, but it never took off. I called it "It's Wizard Time".

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    In my current game, I have everyone on the same timeline. So if someone couldn't make it, I simply say that character had something urgent come up and promised to catch up.

    Another approach I've used with success is to have time/space be unstable in the campaign world. While it wasn't generally a day to day occurrence, it was generally accepted that you could end up in the wrong time and/or place, but that most of the time you'd be returned. If a player couldn't make it and we were in the middle of an adventure, the characters would hear a mirror shatter and know that one or more of their companions had be bamfed away (and there was nothing they could do about it). Whenever the player was available again, they'd bamf back, sometimes with a wild story about a strange land and its inhabitants.

    But that's just playing to my own strengths and weaknesses. I don't mind keeping track of one timeline, but I'm quite certain that I would quickly find it odious to track multiple concurrent timelines.

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