Two Magic Items for Review
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    Two Magic Items for Review

    Thoughts and opinion on the following two items please? These are intended for a ranger and a cleric. Both are currently 5th level. Note that the Spirit Stone is in part a quest item so that the party can save one of their characters that was killed by a wraith, but I still want it to have some utility after they capture their friends soul (from a specter).

    Drider Lightning Bowstring

    Made from the silk of a drider, this bow string is black in color and exceptionally strong and smooth.
    The string has 5 charges and regains 1d4 charges at midnight. If the string has no charges at midnight, it has a 25% chance to lose all magical abilities and becomes a normal bowstring.
    Using one charge, attacking at long range does not impose disadvantage for 10 minutes.
    Using one charge, arrows fired until the start of your next turn with the bow that is strung with the bowstring gain the magic property.
    Using two charges, one arrow fired using the bow that is strung with the bowstring gains an additional 2d8 lightning damage.
    Using three charges, one arrow fired from the bow that is strung with the bowstring becomes a Lightning Arrow per the spell.
    Drider Bane: Driders will recognize this item and will feel animosity towards anyone using it who is not a worshipper of Lolth, and will take extreme measure to recover the bow string and kill its owner.

    Spirit Stone

    This thumb sized light blue stone is translucent and shines with a concentrated sparkle. When it contains a spirit, the glow darkens to an almost black color.
    The wielder of the stone feels a cold breath upon the back of their neck when an ethereal or incorporeal undead is within 60 feet. No direction is given.
    A spirit stone can be used to capture a spirit or disembodied soul (incorporeal undead). As an action the wielder of the stone can force a spirit to make a Wisdom saving throw versus a DC 12 + the wielders Wisdom bonus or be pulled into the stone where it is trapped until released. The stone can only hold one spirit and if this power is used while it contains a spirit, the target automatically succeeds and the trapped spirit is released. Spirits trapped in the stone do not age or decay and are unaware of their surroundings and can take no actions and can be kept indefinitely for use in spells or rituals like resurrection etc. A bound soul can be released with an action from the wielder or as part of a ritual casting.
    When the stone contains no spirit, and the wielder uses their Channel Divinity to Turn Undead, the targets of the effect receive disadvantage on their saving throws.

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    Spirit Stone is ok, I like that is has a power that is good when not being used for the purpose.

    I find I have some problems with the bowstring. It should be magical and not have to use a charge to make arrows shot from it magical. For that matter, you should just have a magical bow with a string on it and not piecemeal things. I also think the power where you use a charge to fire a long distance is wrong. I picture the history of the bowstring of being underground and there is little need for long distance underground.

    I could see something where you can attack someone next to you without disadvantage.
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    Thanks @aco175. I can see your point about long range not being much of a UnderDark desire. But surely there are places in the UD where range is certainly a consideration, I'm thinking of all the drow "cities" as the descriptions of those are certainly large enough to be well beyond the range of even siege equipment.

    But, I'm trying to think of how a bowstring would prevent disadvantage against an adjacent foe. Though such would certainly be useful, I'm not sure how that would come from a string. Magic of course, but by requiring a lesser draw distance or...?

    I think having to use charges to make the arrows magical helps to limit the power. Remember, this can later be added to a magical bow, and then this power wouldn't be needed anymore. Which I know is a concern of yours, and one reason I see to limit the string's power to charges, all part of limiting if needed.

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    I agree with @aco175's thoughts.

    Also, unless you have some specific reason for doing so, I suggest sticking to the way 5e handles charges and recharging. That is, if the item has 5 charges, it would recharge 1d4+1, and when the last charge is used roll a d20, destroying the item on a 1.

    But again, if you have a reason for changing that, go for it. I've got magical gun that is destroyed when that last-charge d20 roll comes up 5 or less . . . but recharges if the roll is 11+.

    Edit: I should add, the reason i suggest sticking to the standard is to make life a little easier for you and your players. You will be able to remember how it functions, reducing how often you need to answer the questions about how it recharges or is destroyed.
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    I think the two 1 charge abilities on the bowstring are too situational and likely to rarely be used. Long range shooting hasn't come up too often. Having it count as magical is helpful, but will become useless once the have a magical bow. I agree that the bow should just make them magical without having to use a charge. Without any bonuses to hit or damage, being magical won't make it overpowered. To me, what's cool about a bow string is that it can be added to any other bow you find to enhance its effects. I think removing disadvantage at close range (like aco175 said) or ignoring cover would be better uses of a charge.

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    I would remove the charge for making the arrow magical. Keep the other 2 powers for charges, but just have it so that each shot is considered magical. It does not make it over powered in my eyes. They just do normal damage to things that need a magic weapon to damage.
    I have an Artificier in my group, and he has had magical shots for a few levels, he hits and it does regular damage no +1 or anything, and it is not game breaking or over powered.
    I like the other 2 powers for a charge cost that makes it just a little more special.

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