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    I just realized that 1989 is now 30 years ago.

    I'm in shock.

    And old af.
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    I too came back to D&D after decades away. Stopped in the late 80s. Never played 2e, 3e, or 4e. Came back with 5e and am loving it. I found that playing in some Adventures League games at your friendly local gaming store, if you have one near you, is a great way to ease into the rules and keep your rekindled passion blazing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ancalagon View Post
    I'm going to recycle a recent post I made because it applies to you too!

    "I'm about to go to bed, so a single important tip:

    Backgrounds are super important in 5e, almost as much as your character race. They provide you with additional skills and perks.

    You can soft multi class this way. Your paladin could be an Outlander and know his way in the wilderness, or grew up as a street urchin and know how to sneak.

    I mention this because more than one player I know glossed over that chapter..."

    Welcome back to D&D!
    Backgrounds are especially important if you haven't read a lot of fantasy books or played much DND lately. They really get you thinking about role-playing your character. I let my more experienced players make up their own backgrounds and just pick 2 more skills + 2 language/kits, but recommend all new players pick from the book.

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    Welcome back. My standard post. Buy some the Season0x-01 modules/adventures from Dm's Guild. These are 5 one hour adventures. Even if you are homebrewing these are great to get you back into the game and use to the new edition. I also recommend the starter set.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harzel View Post
    As one example of something that deserves some contemplation - look at the resting / resource recovery rules, think about how different they are from 1e, and think about how that will affect the game.
    If these rules seem too generous to you, note that the DMG has grittier alternate rules for slower healing. Using them will make 5E feel more like AD&D, if that is a goal for you.

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    Also with backgrounds, be aware that the default rule allows players to pick any two skills, any combination of 2 languages/tools, any equipment package, and any background feature.

    That's not an option or a variant rule, that's in the Basic Rules right on page 36 under "Customizing Backgrounds." As the DM you are, of course, free to overrule that or approve/disapprove on an individual basis, but the way the official rules of the game place it is in the same category of choice as selecting "human fighter" for your class--a default assumed option in the game that the DM really needs to make clear if he isn't following.

    One of the reasons this is important is that the intention is that you don't have to jump through hoops to get that specific skill you want. Two of your starting skills can be any ones you want. Same goes for Thieves' Tools proficiency if you want to be able to deal with locks and traps.
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