[2000AD] Only Knocked Out Explolit Question
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    [2000AD] Only Knocked Out Explolit Question

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    One time only, when you would normally have been killed, you are simply knocked out. You wake the next day with 1 HEALTH. Once you have used this ability, it is permanently gone.
    Mechanically I understand how this works. A PC "dies" then comes back and the exploit vanishes. My group was wondering thematically how this works if an NPC is intent on getting that coup de grace.

    Situation: I'm running a 1-shot for part of my player base for the holiday weekend. They are playing the judges from the back of the book, mostly so they can get a feel for and partly for us to evaluate how OP judges actually are in this system. As they investigate my IRA laden terrorist plot on the Emerald Island, they get into a huge firefight with the terrorists. After the judges down two terrorists the terrorists manage to down two judges. One of the judges has OKO, but the terrorist continues to do damage to finish off his save pool (he was alone with two downed judges and didn't know about the third who would kill him later).

    So we were wondering, if the NPC decided to give him the coup de grace treatment of a boot to the throat would he still come back? I've made both arguments that if you are noticed unconscious that you can then be killed after, and that if you are left alone you can come back. I also used a vented into space argument that it doesn't make sense for you to come back the next day if in austere environments that would kill you.

    I hate to always ask two questions but I never want to make a million threads. How many exploits should you give to an NPC? The generator just gives everything in it's class, and the book examples don't seem to follow and sort of guideline. I understand the idea to make them unique if I want, but I wasn't sure on how many exploits is to many or to few. I was thinking 1 per 1D6 plus aim/feint.

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    The GM should always be free to say that something doesn’t apply. That said, think of it like comic books - people die all the time only to come back later. The only limit is a (semi) plausible reason.

    For the other question, it’s not really the number of exploits which makes something powerful. It how they combine. A thousand abilities gives a PC lots of versatility throughout any encounters and situations of their lifetime, but an NPC only needs those applicable for the amount of time you’ll see them. Which is usually pretty short.

    So for an NPC more exploits doesn’t make them more powerful; it’s more about the exploits themselves.

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