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    Maptools uses TCP/IP to connect over the net, in a LAN, or on the same computer. I was using my LAN IP address of 192.168.x.x. Which meant I had to at least be connected to a router for it to work. At the FLGS loosing internet meant being disconnected from the router loosing the LAN connection. What I found works was changing the address to the computers internal IP address of

    I imagine the same solution might work for Fantasy Grounds.

    I just started with the VTT so I am not tied down with a big time investment to any particular program... yet. I have been playing around with Fantasy Grounds and will look into some of the other recommendations to see what work with me and my group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hussar View Post
    He's using two instances of Maptools, one for player side and one for DM side, so, yeah, you'd need an internet connection. Note, Fantasy Grounds won't run at all without an internet connection, so, no, FG won't help you here.

    I'm thinking that a VTT probably won't do what you want it to do here.
    This is nonsense, at least as far as Fantasy Grounds goes, since I just tested it. I disconnected from the internet and got two instances of FG to connect on a LAN. I am pretty sure I managed something similar with Maptools years ago.

    Now I do not think your problem has anything to do with the internet but the LAN on the FLGS. Are you connecting using WIFI? I suspect you are and you have a crappy connection. If so your best bet is to create a LAN between the 2 PCs using an ethernet cable
    See link below for more information.

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