ZEITGEIST Quittal's quarters in Adv 5
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    Quittal's quarters in Adv 5

    Hi, my party have decided to go the Delta Force way into the facility and they ended up landing in the VIP section. I was wondering if there was any information about what kind of stuff they could/would find in that area. I was thinking documents or some other intelligence or items or something. I rolled to see where the ambush party would be but they ended up in a different part of the facility.

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    My party visited the Cauldron Hill a total of four times over three adventures (blowing it up twice in the process), so I had to invent some benefits of doing this to give them. Disregarding all the stuff that I added to the campaign myself, they spoke to memory-blanked Kasvarina long before the ending of Adventure 5 (leading to some inside sabotage on her part in the climax of the adventure), had a chance of obtaining the personnel list (linking to some other Ob cells in other parts of Risur and to Kell's guild) and spare wands of Bleak Gate transition, grabbed some inventions by Tinker (mimicking the paragon Technologist features - mini-ray cannon, grapple hook etc), found Kasvarina's stone ring (that was after they realized its importance) and grabbed research journal of Alexander Grappa with detailed protocols of his golem creation techniques
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    What do you want them to find?
    Spoilers for future plot, then they could find documents spoiling those points. My impression is that the Ob are very compartmentalised so information about what the Colossus is for would be unknown to anyone here except Kasaravina with a restored memory and I think she is not fully aware of the details of the ceremony on axis island. Information on other cell members in Risur unless they are part of the Colossus project or recruiters for them is unlikely. That information is held by the governor and no one in the bleak gate needs to know.
    There could be schematics and things for the collossus problem with this is that makes finding oddcog in book 6 less important.
    Toys like tranistion wands, oddcogs gadgets etc could be around and would not hurt.

    My players came in this way and they did not find much as the complex was on alert expecting their attack, via a different route. I just let them sneak around , eliminate a few guards and then get their first sight of the collossus and then I triggerred the confrontation with the steel shaper and the golems, then catastrophe followed

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    Maybe have Quital leave behind a journal where he's been trying to figure out what the whole project is for, where he can lay out in no uncertain terms that the Ob use cells and compartmentalization. I'm not sure if I ever have anyone specify that to the PCs in the campaign.

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