WOIN Alternatives for advancing Career physical Attribute bonuses when old?
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    Alternatives for advancing Career physical Attribute bonuses when old?

    When a character is old and they advance a Career in a class that grants a bonus to a physical Attribute, is that advancement point lost or can they give it to something else that makes sense?

    For example, say a starship captain returns to service after retirement when the Neutral Zone becomes a hostile zone and takes Navy Tour after earning XP. She can't put it into STR, AGI, or END because of the age prohibition. Is the +1 point of AGILITY lost or could it be put into something else like LOGIC or CHARISMA?

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    It's lost. Old characters should focus on careers that make the most of their strengths.

    Except Ogrons, who can continue to gain STR.

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    Thanks for the quick reply, as always!

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