ZEITGEIST 5E Warlock patron list?
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    5E Warlock patron list?

    IMO, making the patron one of the named entities already in the adventure is a huge boon to both player enjoyment and DM planning.

    @RangerWickett, is this something that you're working on?

    If not, I'd like to post my list of suggestions. How they communicate (or why they can't), what instructions they send, why they empowered you, what happens when you meet them, etc.

    For starters, the Voice of Rot could lead to some very interesting plot twists. OTOH, I don't see a way to make Beshala a viable patron.
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    You wouldn't use Beshela; you'd use She Who Writhes.

    I don't have a list written up right now, but off the top of my head, the fey titans, Ashima-Shimtu, maybe a dead dragon tyrant, Gidim, maybe Egal the Shimmering, Hewanharimau (I think I'm spelling that right), etc etc.

    Heck, let Leska be a patron if your group played War of the Burning Sky.
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    The Uneseen or Hedgehog Courts (or various members thereof) are pretty obvious Fey patrons. The memory of Srasama as interpreted as a Hexblade Pact would be a great mechanical take on Vekeshi practices.

    Might be an interesting side plot to have a Clergy heretic who's a Celestial Pact Warlock instead of a proper Cleric.
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