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    Here goes nothing...

    This should be my wife and I at our rehearsal dinner this past February.
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    Originally posted by WizarDru

    P.S. Hey, Gargoyle! That picture of you and the kids is charming as all get out. The confused expression on your youngest is priceless.
    Thanks. I'm usually the one who looks confused. The oldest will play a barbarian, no doubt, perhaps multiclassed as a bard. The youngest is very pensive and will certainly play a single classed wizard.
    James Garr

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    Well, may as well throw my hat into the ring

    Here's me and some freinds at CONvergence in 2000 I look pretty much the same now however (Well normally I"m not wearing a costume, I"m usually in Jeans and a T-shirt.). (others in the pic are Danielle, Andy, and Karl).
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    Here's probably a better pic, (granted it's my senior pic from '96, but I'm more or less unchanged...sad ain't it :/ )
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    ahh, an my daughter, miranda. missing is my wife and son. if i get ambitious, i'll post one of all of us.
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    Varys to Ned Stark...."A Game of Thrones"

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    I don't have any pictures of me with my hair done, so you don't get to see the spiky SpikeyFreak.

    Here's me with my woman:

    --Normal Spikey
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    Suspiciously familiar? Suspiciously, eh? You weren't that sleeping guy at Stofnun Arna Magnussonar, were you? Heh.

    As for the handle.. Why, I chose it after SkarphÚ­inn Njalsson, of course. Brennu-Njals Saga is one of the best, though I do tend to prefer Egils Saga Skallagrimssonar. However, I really liked the character of SkarphÚ­inn.

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    Originally posted by hong

    That makes me wonder if i'm the only Asian person.
    I'm Hapa, so you're only two thirds of the Asian population at best. I think I'm on page 2 - maybe page 3. No pic of you? Maybe I missed it.
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    Okay, let me join the band...

    Sorry for the suit pic, but that was the only one scanned...
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    Stuff I draw:

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    Here is the worst picture ever taken of me (I think its funny though). Having not shaved for a week of vacation and having just crawled out of bed, my girlfriend decided it was time to test her new digital camera.

    Here I am, acting the fool, once again caught on the digital camera.
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    "Each man, one way.
    Each horse, one stance.
    Each church, one buddha.
    Each master to his own technique."

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