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    Finally found a Co-Worker with a WebCam

    I'm not much for pictures so it took me a while to get something, but here it is:
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    Joining the bandwagon

    Ok, I'll post my 'most canadian looking person' picture here.

    It's an image of a friend and I when we visited Boston last year (By the way, I'd just like to say that MA RULES). We're rubbing the toe of a statue on the grounds of Harvard. And yes, I wear necklaces made of teeth and old arrow-heads

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    Damn, Mialee - you are ugly! What's with those big floppy ears, and that HAIR! OMG, the HAIR!

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    Re: Mastermind:

    Originally posted by Skarp Hedin
    Suspiciously familiar? Suspiciously, eh? You weren't that sleeping guy at Stofnun Arna Magnussonar, were you? Heh.
    Hmm... doubt it. Only been there once and I'm quite sure I wasn't sleeping.

    As for the handle.. Why, I chose it after SkarphÚ­inn Njalsson, of course. Brennu-Njals Saga is one of the best, though I do tend to prefer Egils Saga Skallagrimssonar. However, I really liked the character of SkarphÚ­inn.
    Well, Ormstunga and Grettissaga are my personal favs.

    Always nice to see an admirer of Icelandic literature.

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    Well done King_Stannis!

    What was that, like, six tries?

    Anyway, compliments right back at you man...three of my (female) co-workers think that you look, and I quote, "hot".

    Nice to finally put a face to the name

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    Not exactly a recent one, but...

    I just don't like what I look like now.
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    Here's a pic of me at an outdoor party.
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    ...and a pic of me at the premiere of Phantom Menace (the red-eyes were useful for once!)
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    Well, we don't have kids, but here's a picture my husband took of me snoozing on the couch with our dog.
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